New Members

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Welcome onboard!

Getting started

While we're sure your very keen to get down to the space and start tinkering/hacking please take some time to familiarize yourself with our rules and policies. Most of the information you need to know is on this Wiki and can be found easy enough or with a search.

Getting to know you

No doubt you will have already familiarised yourself with the members area on our website but if you haven't done so already please add a Gravatar to your member profile which can be done in the account area. We then can see what you look like and be able to identify you at the space.

We'd also love it if you added yourself to this wiki by making your own page where you can tell us a bit about yourself including current projects and skills you'd like to share. Log in using your members area username and password, then click your name at the top of the wiki and then "Edit with form"

These are our regular opening times. More details can be found here.

Some subgroups organise regular meetings at the space in addition to the regular opening times. See our calendar above for details.

How to talk to us

The best way to talk to us is via the Mailing list, it's good for talking about projects, asking for help. Or organising an ad-hoc opening of the space. Important announcements go out to this list, so we recommend you subscribe.

A significant portion of us hang out on Slack a lot, it's good for much the same sort of banter. You might also want to check out smib the so make it chat bot.

Suggested reading

Rules - all members should read and abide by these rules
Membership - details of current membership process, application, and future developments
Tools - some of the more fun tools in the space.
Processes - example processes for making stuff.
Health&Safety - Information on our Health & Safety
Environment - Information on our Environment Policy
Infrastructure - Information on space infrastructure both physical and not
Workshops - Learn new skills in one of our Generous courses.
Projects - a list of projects that our members are currently working on, feel free to add your own
Wiki members - list of members of this wiki
Todo list Want to help? Pick something from our to do list!
The Fun Stuff page It's not all about soldering irons and wood bashing!
3D Printing Information on 3D Printing
Video Making - Information on making videos for the space or your projects
Marketing - Guide to So Make It branding and marketing
Equipment Donations - If you have some equipment you can spare to help us get off to a running start, please list it here
Pledges - How we gather funding to buy equipment.
Thank-you's - We didn't get here on our own, find out some of the people that helped us on our way!
Opening Hours - List of dates and times of when we are open
Nearby Makerspaces - Makerspaces, hackerspaces and similar organisations near Southampton.
Lost & Found - Lost and found
Insurance - Details of our insurance policies
Finance - Financial reports such as our quarterly report
Tuck Shop - Info on our tuck shop snacks and drinks
Tools - All tools available at the Makerspace
Discounts - Details of the various discounts you can get as a paying member
Links - Links to other useful sites
All Wiki Pages! - Links to all the wiki pages

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