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Project nameParticipants
Bicycle Computer / CameraX
DSLR Camera SliderX
Furby Protection And Rehabilitation Program (FPARP)X
Generic CNC Tool PlatformX
GoPro 360 panoX
LED LightBoxX
Members AreaX
Mindful MusicX
Motion Control ProtocolX
Nature BoxX
Pedal car bodyworkX
Repair Winkku unitsX
TLC5940 Driver for RpiX
Wireless Temperature BugsX

Inactive projects

Project nameParticipants
Binocular Microscope psu+illuminatorX
DRO the latheX
Metric Cerberus Delta BotX
PCB Manufacturing KitX

Project Notes

Intellectual Property (IP) guide

Parts and components

The space does not currently hold a dedicated stock of parts.
However, for electronics projects, we have had donations of various through hole (mainly resistors) and SMD parts. There is also a small stock of IC's as below.

Integrated Circuit / Semiconductor Components

Input from James Bryant:-

I was European Applications Manager for Analog Devices for almost 30 years and for half of it worked from a
home office/lab. When I retired the company did not want my disorganised piles of components back so I kept 'em.
I've a lot of resistors, capacitors and sensors of various sorts, and various other stuff (including Analog Devices ICs).

If anyone needs a handful of components for a project check with me - I may well have some of 'em.

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