Small modular autonomous rover.
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A small modular autonomous rover designed to be as cheap and as easy to work with as possible. The aim is to have a cheap open robotic design that anyone can pick up and code on with easy and cheaply most complete robots cost somewhere around £100+ we aim to have the base board costing less then £40.

Based of a previous rover design: ‎

Code: github


To make the rover as modular as possible it will be split into 2 or more different layers. The bottom layer is responsible for mounting the servos or motors as well some basic sensors such as bumper sensors and the control circuits for this. The middle layer will be for higher level controllers, such as arduinos or raspberry pis and possibly some more sensors and the top layer will be for additional sensors or larger circuits.

Bottom Layer

This layer is a basic layer that the other layers build upon and is responsible for controlling the servos and some basic input. The idea is to allow this board to operate completely independently, without the need for the middle or top boards, but to keep it as cheap as possible. It should come preprogrammed, and the user should not need to program it to add functionality via the middle board, but should be easy to program if the user decides to do so. The idea is to keep most of the user control code on the second board.


Here is a list of parts needed to build the bottom layer:

Middle Layer

User control layer/basic sensors.

Top Layer

Addition sensors/hardware mounts/anything else.

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