Members Area

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Members Area
Website providing payment/donation history and organisation wide authentication
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This is the website available at

Current Features

  • Member signup
    • Application
    • Quorum of trustees required for approval
    • Ability to reapply if application is rejected
    • Emails sent to notify you of your progress
  • Logging of payments
    • Manual entry for CASH payments
    • Manual entry for PayPal payments
    • Automatic payments logging via GoCardless
    • OFX parsing for uploading Standing Order transactions from your Online Banking
  • Admin interface
    • Generate a register of members
    • Listing of all transactions
    • Uploading/reconciling new transactions via OFX
    • Fetching/reconciling new transactions via GoCardless
    • Reminder interface to allow the treasurer to easily send out payment reminders.
  • Displaying subscription status to members
    • Shows when next payment is due
    • Makes it clear if payment is overdue
    • Allows users to view their own payment history
    • Helps users set up a Standing Order or GoCardless payment


GoCardless are a quick and easy way to set up Direct Debit payments to So Make It. They charge 1% of each payment, no minimum, £2 maximum (in case you want to pay more than £200/mo ;)), no monthly fees. They're the easiest way for both you and us to set up payments.


The members area is fully open source, and can be found on It's written in CoffeeScript to run under Node.js.

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