PCB Manufacturing Kit

PCB Manufacturing Kit
Beg/borrow/buy all required equipment to make our own PCBs. Build UV exposure box, with timer. Build bubble etch tank.
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Project is stalled pending time to add more capability. Current process documented as PCB_Manufacturing

Notes from Chris Smith:

Link to a good instructable on the FC etching process.
We have some gloves and sponges at the space and a printer that could in theory use those pcb transfer sheets (not a great way of doing things however). Money is tight right now but I'm sure we can stretch to a tray and some ferric chloride crystals. I would expect people to supply their own copper clad board but again we could probably provide a little.
Andy Bennet (sp?) has a shapeoko that can mill pcbs if people ask him nicely - we should really invest in one of these for the space however.
If we want a UV lightbox we could probably cobble it together ourselves but I might have one available (will check)


Currently we have some UV tubes in the space, and a set of ballasts on the way from ebay. We have some perspex on the way from Luxx and we have plenty of wood ;) All we are missing are starters+starter holders, and timer circuit (which we can design later, and make a pcb for) Luxx also provided some developer and etch solutions, so we just needs to trays. I think there's also a bubble etch setup on lone too.
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