Furby Protection And Rehabilitation Program (FPARP)

Furby Protection And Rehabilitation Program (FPARP)
SoutHACKton members are strongly against the cruel treatment of furbies and actively seek to give Furbies a good home. We take in feral and stray furbies and will be happy to try and heal the sick with our Furby protection and rehabilitation program.
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Furby Protection and Rehabilitation Program (FPARP)

We at SoutHACKton care what happens to the millions of damaged and discarded furbies out there and so will provide a home and good care for any Furby given to us. (We care about keeping landfills empty and will have great fun and learn new skills from tearing down and modifying in interesting ways your furbies so please – send them to us!)

In the unhappy event that a Furby is too sick and is suffering we may have to painlessly put it down. However we will make sure its parts will go towards the good of the cause and perhaps help many other sick Furbies. (We’ll rip the guts out of irreparably damaged furbies and use them for stuff)

What is a Furby?

More information can be found on our wiki here.

How can I help?

You can help by by sending your old furbies and/or signing up as a member of the makerspace. For just £20 a month you will be helping to give these fantastic creatures a second chance at a good life plus get access to our facilities. See here for details.

Case Study “Grr”

Grr was saved from freecycle from a couple who simply did not have the time to care for her any more. Unfortunately we suspect that years of neglect have contributed to her psychological condition, her inability to speak. SoutHACKton are now trying to think of ways to get her to communicate including teaching her sign language or as a last resort a full lobotomy. You can contribute to the project on the discussion here.

Meanwhile Grr helps us out by watching the makerspace at night. Hopefully one day she’ll be able to tell us what goes on after the lights go out.

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