As a paying member of So Make It there are a number of perks available including discounts on various products and services. We'll list them here with details on how to go about ordering.

We also from to time may want to make larger orders from various places such as RS or Farnell. If you are planning on making such an order please post details on our discussion board so others might also benefit and go in with you. Splitting shipping costs and getting bulk pricing can save you money!


3Dfilaprint who already offer good prices (and also sponsored us) are giving So Make It members 5% discount on all their products.

To get the discount code please speak to Chris Smith who will mail/text it to you (cant publish it anywhere)

Adafruit industries

We can get up to 40% discount if we make $250 or more orders. Please note there will be import duty and shipping costs from the US. Please add orders to the order collection page Adafruit_Order

See Chris Smith for details.

Dangerous prototypes

We are currently getting details on how to get discounts from here.


Review copies of O'Reilly products can be requested, if anyone wants to review an O'Reilly product then a it should be followed by a published review being made available either on our site or newsletter, plus anywhere else you're happy to publish it (Amazon etc).

To request a review copy, send an email with the title of the book, your postal address and phone number to the trustees.

We have a discount on purchases from (40% for printed books 50% on e-books). Details can't be made publicly viewable but discount codes can be got directly from the trustees

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