So Make It Ltd. is a non-profit company limited by guarantee without share capital.

Why do we need trustees?

In order to legally exist and function a company requires directors. In our case the Trustees are unpaid members that act as the directors of So Make It Ltd. Unlike most companies, So Make It is a member-run organisation and the Trustees are primarily there to ensure the space meets its legal obligations so it can continue to exist. They are not there to run every aspect of So Make It or decide the direction the organisation takes. Under various acts of UK law the directors have certain personal liabilities and those influence what is expected of a Trustee of So Make It Ltd.

What is expected of trustees?

Trustees must take action to, or delegate members to, ensure So Make It Ltd is compliant with:

Health and Safety Law including but not limited to:

  • Making sure risk assessments are up to date and being used by members
  • Any new equipment coming to the space is checked, logged and maintained
  • Making sure fire safety assessments and control measures are regularly checked and maintained
  • Making sure first aid materials are regularly checked and maintained
  • Arrange any maintenance required for the premises

Company Law including but not limited to:

  • Company accounts are filed on time to companies house
  • Trustees contact and personal details are accurate on companies house
  • There is a maintained list of members

Financial Oversight including but not limited to:

  • Monitor the bank accounts and ensure members are paying subscriptions
  • Maintain financial records to submit to HMRC
  • Pay the rent on time every month
  • Make sure any outgoing subscription payments (e.g. digital hosting) are paid on time
  • Communicate with members regarding any planned spending to meet any of the Health and Safety legal requirements.
  • Communicate with members any proposed spending to improve SoMakeIt with appropriate time given for feedback, discussion and voting opportunities
  • Keep insurance up to date.
  • To deposit all cash donations in a timely fashion
  • To monitor and oversee any pledges or member organised fundraisers for new equipment
  • To keep an inventory of all major tools and equipment

Membership responsibility including but not limited to:

  • To hold members to account regarding safe and appropriate use of tools
  • To set an example for how the space should be used and maintained
  • To mediate any disagreements between members
  • To take action against members if rules are broken or ignored.

Other duties including but not limited to:

  • Maintain a list of all usernames and passwords for SoMakeIt social, financial and paid service accounts, making sure these are up to date.
  • Oversee all sub-committees and team projects.
  • Ensure all events and opening times are communicated and promoted.
  • To promote transparency by publishing all trustee meeting minutes for members to access
  • To respond to member enquiries or joining enquiries promptly and informatively

Not all of these actions must be undertaken by a trustee. Most tasks can be completed by members, however, these must be checked and overseen by a trustee.

How do I become a trustee?

If you are willing to be a Trustee please make yourself known or speak to the existing Trustees. It is very important that members step up regularly to take a turn at being a Trustee as without Trustees So Make It would not be able to exist. Trustees are normally voted in and confirmed by members at an AGM or EGM. The Trustees may also appoint Trustees.

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