Lost & Found

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Please check the Lost Property and Small Lost Property boxes

Anything left out or found somewhere it shouldn't be will be put in those boxes

Contents of lost property boxes 15/07/2015

This is the So Make Its Bermuda triangle – please list anything you think you have lost somewhere in the space and should we come across it, it’s possible you may find it returned to you!

Please bear in mind as per the rules, we can not take any responsibility for any theft or damage of personal belonging left at the space and anything considered rubbish can and will be disposed of to keep the space tidy.

Lost SD card reader and class 10 16GB SD card – Chris Smith

If anyone finds a piece like the one pictured/attached - it's fallen off the bench (circular) saw somewhere downstairs, it's a piece that holds the fence/guide on. We can make one up if we can't find it... but it's probably hiding somewhere. - James B

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