Video Making

We want to put more videos up on our YouTube as a group since the youtube channel helps bring money in for the space and promotes the space. We'd like anybody with projects or ideas to volunteer for helping to get this done.

Please get in touch via the mailing list if you can help with any task from the following:

- Shooting the videos
- Editing the videos
- Writing descriptions for the videos on YouTube
- Providing/operating video equipment
- Helping camera-people figure out what to shoot (i.e. directing!)
- Heading up our video division (e.g. bossing everyone around/being central point of contact)
- Anything else you think might be helpful


Several members can help with video editing for your project. Details TBC.


We have 3 working video cameras at the space, each use mini DV tapes and are capable of standard 580 line video with reasonable quality sound. However because of lack of charger/batteries we only have one camera that is portable (the Sony Handycam) which also has a few glitches to be aware of.

Sony Handycam Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar


Takes and has a Sony "M" sized battery (which we have a charger for) There is a known glitch in this camera of an intermittent flicker and corruption of display. It can be seen when happening on the viewfinder and is obvious so please keep an eye out in case you need to reshoot footage.

Sony Handycam SuperSteadShot DCR-VX2000E PAL


Takes a Sony "L" sized battery which we need to source however we do have a charger.



We have a battery but need a charger for this camera.

Tested OK.

Available to borrow

There are also members with cameras available to borrow or bring in for filming. Details TBC.


We have a large number of DV tapes available thanks to Tyler Ward.


We also have a full sized extendable tripod however it is old and a little shaky. It may be possible to repair but a replacement/additional one is recommended.



We currently have no lighting and really could use some simple lights for basic 3 point lighting at least.


Manuals for equipment can be found and placed in our github repo

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