The building

The So Make It space covers 1250 square feet on one floor. There is a partition wall to separate the workshop.

The far side of the partition is set aside as the main workshop area. The clean side of the partition is split across electronics/storage and a common room, which can be used for desk based activities such as computing or lecturing.

The facilities

There are two, Unisex toilets located through the door at the end of the shared access corridor. We have a small kitchenette area where you can make tea and coffee.


Is only available at UK mains specification.

See Electricity_Supply for more information.

Internet access

Is available via Cat 5 and also wireless. There are no filters of any kind so please keep all usage legal and clean. NetworkInfrastructure documents more detail on our network setup


The space telephone number is 02381781212 and members are free to use this at any time for national/local calls.

Internal Network

See: NetworkInfrastructure


See: Category:Cloud

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