Makerspace Rules

In summary our rules ask that everybody treat the makerspace, its facilities and its membership with respect. In using the facilities please do so in the spirit of So Make It. (In a nutshell, be excellent to each other!)

There is a handy dandy poster of the rules here.

Rule Zero

  1. Do not be on fire.

All members

For all the rules below, the motto "if in doubt, ask" applies.

  1. Don't be abusive to any person.
    You may be asked to leave or may even be banned from the space.
  2. Don't use hazardous equipment alone.
    Nobody shall use hazardous equipment while alone in the space or without sufficient training. If you do not know how to use a tool you must ask for the assistance of someone who does. If you do not know if something is hazardous you must ask someone who does.
  3. Respect people's property.
    Ask before borrowing other peoples stuff; communal tools and equipment are listed on our wiki.
  4. Leave the space at least as well as you found it.
    Please keep the space in a pleasant, clean and tidy state. Wash up any kitchenware and sweep up any sawdust etc. Pack away your projects when you're not working on them and put tools back where they belong. Items left on desk surfaces may be moved or disposed. Hot food/drink etc is allowed however please be considerate of others when consuming strong smelling foods.
  5. Don't use the space for illegal or immoral purposes.
    Avoid doing harm to the So Make It's reputation. Do not bring illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia or evidence of drug use to the space. Do not print firearms at the space, you can do so at home rather than under the name of So Make It.
  6. Be a good neighbour.
    Try not to make a noise nuisance and look after shared facilities, currently this is the outdoor areas at the space.
  7. No industrial activity between 11pm and 7am.
    This is a restriction imposed by Southampton City Council.
  8. Keep your subscription up to date.
  9. Under 16s may not enter the space without a responsible adult. Under 18s may not enter the workshop area.
    The responsible adult can be a parent/guardian, or any adult member with permission from a trustee and a parent/guardian in advance. Said responsible adult assumes all responsibility for the actions and safety of said minor.
  10. Nobody may use the makerspace as accommodation.
  11. Members must not operate hazardous equipment while their judgement or reaction times are impaired.
    Whether due to alcohol, drugs, or any other condition.
  12. Stop and report any dangerous activity or accident within the space.
    Accidents, near misses and possible health and safety issues no matter how small must be reported in the Accident Page and a trustee informed ASAP.
  13. Emergency equipment (fire alarms, extinguishers, first aid boxes, etc) must not be hacked or tampered with in any way and are only for use in emergencies.
  14. Personal protective equipment (safety goggles, dust masks, etc) must be used as appropriate.
    Report any issues with health and safety or emergency equipment on the Accident Page and inform a trustee ASAP.
  15. All waste must be disposed of correctly.
    Check material safety datasheets if you are unsure (eg. do not just pour acetone down the drain), please recycle.
  16. Pay for all consumables used.
    Whether you use some components, 3D printing filament or drinks/food from the fridge, ensure that they are paid for in the donation tins or directly into the So Make It accounts.


As a keyholder you have 24h access to the makerspace but also have a responsibility to the space and its members. Keyholders are approved by a quorum of trustees and 8 members in the members area on the website. When finished at the space be sure to lock up and turn all lights and equipment off, ensure all doors and windows are closed. Make sure that members are following the rules i.e. tidying up after themselves etc. Let people know that you're at the space or going to the space and for how long, post to general group on slack. Don't let anybody you don't know into the space unless they are being escorted by a member. A list of members is accessible on the members area of the website. Get rid of all rubbish, empty mugs etc at the end of the night. Giant rats live in our space (and guard the equipment at night) and they will claw through anything to get at food. If you are found to habitually leave the space in an unfit state, you will lose keyholder status. First offence: one month, second offence: six months, third offence: indefinitely at trustee discretion. If you leave the space unsecured, you will lose keyholder status. First offence: six months then reapply. Second offence: indefinitely at trustee discretion


  1. The space is run by its members, however Trustees are required for certain purposes and act as enablers for the members only. Trustees are appointed by the membership to help run the space giving up their time to do so.
  2. An up to date list of trustees is maintained on our website's trustees page, any or all trustees can be contacted via that page.
  3. New trustees should check the New Trustee Checklist.

If you wish to be considered as a trustee please let us know - we're always looking for extra help!

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