New Trustee Checklist

Thank you for becoming a trustee and helping So Make It make it. As a new trustee you may need to put these things in place.

  • Get a set of keys to the space, any present trustee can sort this with you.
  • Become a director of So Make It Ltd. This may not be a hard requirement.
  • Get a [email protected] address (ask Bracken or Jem), either check it or forward it to another account, then make sure these email addresses forward to you:
  • Get another trustee to give you "Make changes AND manage sharing" access to the calendar.
  • Make sure you can edit the trello boards (I think any trustee can add you).
  • Get access to the Mailchimp account if needed (ask Benjie).
  • Subscribe to these mailing lists:
    • So Make It
    • So Make It Trustees - This must only be used for matters relating to members (such as a complaint) and infrastructure discussion that needs to be confidential (such as Passwords).
  • Get on this page It's wordpress, any member can edit it by logging in with their members area username and password.
  • Create your wiki Profile, the page called User:yourname, eg User:Bracken, again you have a wiki account which is your members area name and password.
  • Set up email notification on the wiki and "watch" these pages:
  • Pick up some of our business cards.
  • Put a photo and optionally a phone number with the other photos in the space.
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