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Last accident: 1970-01-01

Please use this page to report accidents, near misses and safety issues. Members should ensure each row has an owner. Owners may not write anything in the action taken box until the job is complete!

Accidents and Near Misses

Date Who What Owner Action taken
2014-11-15 Bracken Fell from one of the work platforms. Chris Smith Mailed organisation list warning of dangers.
2015-11-26 Danfox Cut finger on a protruding screw in the wooden box by the door. Yommy .


Date Reporter What Owner Action taken
2013-10-24 Anton Now that RideRide have changed their workshop, we need first aid equipement to hand in our space. Anton First aid box and eyewash station now under certificate of incorporation (next to the donations box).
2013-10-31 Bracken The fire extinguishers are obstructed by chairs, and storage boxes. Bracken Cleared fire exit and extinguisher area, started culture of not obstructing this area.
2013-10-31 Bracken The mitre saw is too far from the edge of the table to be used correctly and there are no clamps large enough to secure the job. Bracken Moved saw up to the edge of the bench and re-assembled benches (during move) such that a clamp can be placed around a job in the saw.
2014-08-15 Bracken Flammable chemicals (I think diesel) are being stored in the open because there is no space in the inflam locker which contains right now mostly water!!! Bracken No longer, fixed in the move.
2014-08-20 Bracken There is a large box full of LiPo batteries in the cupboard upstairs. They are of unknown origin and condition. If one of these decides to self ignite the others will follow suit and we will have a substantial fire. These need individual containers, possibly we should also look after them by charging them periodically? Bracken LiPo stash moved to a metal container.
2015-04-29 Jeremy Network switch transformer has exposed mains wiring. Bracken Replaced PSU with one from the not 5V PSU box. Existing one was also under-rated, new one is suitable.
2015-11-26 Danfox The wooden box by the door has several screws poking into it, rendering it a safety hazard to anyone trying to access its contents (e.g. the RFID/NFC envelopes). Yommy
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