smib is one of the So Make It IRC bots. He runs from Toad - i.e. inside the space - and is written by us in perl. He hangs around on #SoMakeIt and #SoutHACKton on and keeps us up to date. You can send him commands by typing these in chat:

Useful Commands

  • ?who - Will list who is in the space, if they are carrying a laptop/smartphone - you can register to this by saying '/msg smib ?who <MAC_address_of_your_device>'.
  • ?say - Make smib speak out loud in the space, good for grabbing people's attention, like: ?say Oie you there, get on IRC!
  • ?temp - Will show the current temperature in the space.
  • ?webcam - Will show you a live photo from the space.

Technical commands

  • ?pull - Asks smib to pull down the latest commands from the GitHub repo.
  • ?debug - Useful for understanding how smib works - just explains the order of the arguments.
echo "$1, User: [$1] Channel: [$2] Sender: [$3] Args: [$4]"

Contributing commands

Who can contribute

Any So Make It member can contribute - if you're not already a member of the So Make It GitHub Organisation then just give Bracken or Alistair/@Ali-B on slack a shout and they'll add you. People who aren't members can also contribute via a Pull Request, but this will require approval.


Simply clone the GitHub repo, write and test your script (don't forget to make it executable and give it a #!shebang), and then commit and push it up to the GitHub repo. Then issue ?pull in one of smib's channels and he'll pull down the latest. Don't forget to document your command on this wiki page!


There is (virtually) no security. Please don't abuse this power. We know how easy it is to do, but we trust you - don't make us regret it!

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