Equipment Donations

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Core items we really need

  • New good quality - Band Saw Blades, Hacksaw Blades & Jigsaw blades.
  • Good quality fixings: Screws / Nuts / Bolts / Washers
  • Good quality tools (see below)
  • Metal bucket with sand
  • Basic handtools (claw hammer, wood/metal files, pliers, snips, screwdrivers)
  • Mains extensions and multi-way bars, RCD breakers.
  • Heavy duty vice
  • Shelves and storage cupboards.

Items we'd really like to have

  • A laser cutter
  • Sheet metal brake/press
  • Wood lathe Loaned by Ben J
  • Drill bits (HSS ideally)

Equipment members have/can donate to SoMakeIt

  • Please state your full name and the best description of the items you can donate.*

James Bruton:

Note that some of this stuff was originally donated by Ruzz which I've been storing since.

  • White plastic double bowl kitchen sink and draining board (some units at Solent Business Centre had plumbing but no actual tap or sink bowl, so this could be useful).
  • Two mains powered 4x spot light lighting bars, and two low voltage down lighting spot lights. Possible useful for lighting workbenches etc.
  • HP Colour Laserjet 2605DN, networked colour printer, with consumables that aren't empty yet.
  • Small set of metal office drawers on castors suitable to above printer to live on.
  • A padded wooden piano style stool, if we really have nothing else to sit on.
  • Two sets of four A4 sized organiser trays suitable for paper or component storage.
  • Lots of ADSL/cable wireless access points suitable to attach wired network devices to for wireless access.
  • Lots of CAT5 patch cables etc.
  • Two P4 PCs with monitors, keyboard/mice suitable to Ubuntu/WinXP PCs.
  • One spare ATX motherboard to suit above.
  • Some sort of 133Mhz Laptop with batteries, but no charger.
  • Black & Decker mains powered power drill.
  • Black & Decker mains powered jigsaw (requires blades).
  • MacAllister Cordless Multisaw (no battery, but we can use any old NiCad pack).
  • 'PowerCraft' cordless sander, jigsaw & torch, (battery appears to be dead / needs NiCad cells replacing).
  • Two low wattage Antex Soldering irons, one working one not (haven't investigated further).
  • A big box of other stuff including wireless webcams and other things I need to look through.
  • Kenwood Surround sound Amp (requires new mains cable but appears to work), Nad stereo Preamp and a Maplin 5 channel audio mixer with equalizer. Basically we can build a small audio test bench with the addition of a pair of speakers.

James Southern:

  • Startrite tablesaw
  • Titan shop Vac & fittings
  • Dust Tracker PI, usb plug and cable
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