Member Induction

Member Induction V1.0 May 2019

All new members must undergo an induction to ensure they are aware of the rules and policies of the space, as well as having a wider understanding of the organisation. This is part of the role application process.

Visiting the Space

Members may visit the space whenever a keyholder is present. Please use the slack channel [#space-open-announce] to find out when the space will be open outside of published opening hours. You should be given an RFID key fob or card when you become a member. This will open the internal door but only when a keyholder has already opened the space and enabled the “space open” switch.

The Rules

Become familiar with the rules: As a member you agree to adhere to and to uphold the rules.

Membership Subscription

To keep you membership you must pay a subscription of at least £10 per calendar month, normally by standing order or direct debit.

The Kitchen and Tuck Shop

The cooking and hot drinks facilities are available to use, please pay for drinks and snacks as per the tuck shop price list and wash up any dishes and utensils. On busy events we may use the dishwasher - ask around if in doubt.


All cash payments should go into the pink tin, no IOUs allowed. Payments can also be made by card, paypal, bank transfer (please let the Trustees know if you do this!)

Health and Safety

  • Some of the equipment in the space is extremely dangerous if used incorrectly.
  • By using any equipment in the space, you are declaring yourself to be competent in its safe use.
  • You must check all equipment before use. If you are not competent enough to be able to check it, do not use the equipment.
  • Safety equipment such as guards and safety cut-outs should not be removed or tampered with.
  • Faulty or unsafe items should be reported to a Keyholder or Member who must label it and report it.
  • Be aware of others around you and do not distract anyone while they are using equipment. Give yourself and others enough space when using equipment.
  • Appropriate PPE should be worn and measures taken to reduce risk to yourself and others such as tying back long hair and avoiding loose clothing when using tools.
  • If dust collection or fume extraction equipment is provided it must be used.
  • You must observe any safety signage or notices within the space.
  • If you see any activity which may put anyone at risk, you should speak out to reduce the immediate risk as well as report it to a Keyholder or Trustee.
  • Other users may question your use of equipment. This is encouraged and will usually be for your own safety or theirs.
  • If you don’t know how to use a piece of equipment it is always better to ask than put yourself or others at risk of injury or death. Information on safe use of equipment is freely available on the internet in the form of user guides, guidelines, risk assessments and instructional videos. Other users of the space may be willing to assist or advise you, but this does not represent formal training or supervision by So Make It.

Restricted Equipment

Some items may require an induction and user role before you can use them. (e.g. Laser User, Lathe User). Only users with the appropriate user role may use that equipment except during induction or direct supervision.

User Roles

There are several user roles available to members. Apply for additional roles in the [members area].

Clear Bench Policy

Clean and put away any equipment you have been using. Clear and clean the area you have used, including vacuuming any sawdust.

Member Storage,

Members are entitled to a standard sized box. Projects can be kept at the space provided they are labelled as per the [Member Storage Policy]. Items which break this policy may be removed by the Trustees so please read it!

Lost Property

Any items are left in the space at your own risk, we do try to reunite lost items with their owners but there are no guarantees. Slack [#lost-and-found] is a good place to start.

Donations and Waste

We love donations of materials and tools but please ensure these are useful items before leaving them at the space. Ideally get in touch and send photos first.

Waste materials should be dealt with appropriately; small off-cuts can quickly become large piles so unless it’s very likely to be useful for someone else’s project please dispose of all waste. Either take it home or place it in the bins provided. The bins need regular emptying into the large bin outside near the entrance.

We currently do not have a recycling bin, please take a box or bag of recycling home every now and then to help.

Fire Policy

If you discover a fire, raise the alarm by shouting FIRE! (to alert anyone nearby), then activate the nearest fire alarm call point.

If safe to do so, use an appropriate fire extinguisher to tackle the fire but only if your exit is clear and it is safe to do so.

Leave the building by the nearest exit, do not return.

Call the emergency services.

If you hear the fire alarm, leave the building by the nearest fire exit.

The fire exits and alarm points are included in the tour, if you don’t know where they are, ask a Keyholder.


Be excellent to each other: treat people, equipment and the space with respect.

Please read the rules. They are also on the wall in the space. Please discuss any conduct issues with the Trustees. We aim to resolve any problems through conversation and mediation however there is a grievance procedure should it be required.

The Trustees reserve the right to exclude anyone from the space temporarily or permanently.

How the space is run

We are a do-ocracy with volunteer trustees that act as company directors and if necessary step in to make decisions in the interest of the organisation.

As a do-ocracy we rely on Members to take it upon themselves to run and improve the space and our facilities. Keyholders open the space and introduce new members, Admins manage our online services and Superusers induct users and manage tools.

Any members can help though and this can be simple things like whizzing around with the vacuum, giving the kitchen a spritz, emptying the bins or technical things like servicing or repairing equipment to large projects like building a new workbench or reorganising an area.

Please get involved in the day to day, for the bigger and more complicated projects speak to other Members before you start something new. Large changes need to be discussed to avoid the impact affecting members ability to use the space as per the [Large Change Policy].

More details of how the space is run and the policies that govern how we do things are found on the wiki.

So Make It is a non-profit company, limited by guarantee. Members of So Make It are Members of the company and a list of Members is kept on public record by companies house. Members have voting rights under the articles of association. How to get in touch We primarily use Slack, an online chat tool, to keep in touch with each other and report problems. Get your invite to our slack group at:

This is normally the best place to ask questions about the equipment or chat about your projects.

We use google groups for official and more complex discussion as well as announcements:!forum/somakeit.

Other communications and social channels are listed in the tour and on our wiki.

You can also contact the Trustees directly: [email protected]

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