Grievance Procedure


The Trustees of So Make It have the authority to ban anyone from entering the space and the authority to strip anyone of their membership. This must only be done in circumstances where this authority is best for So Make It and its members as a whole.

This policy will only be applied to members who demonstrate unwillingness to address behaviour which has caused offence, harm or distress to another member, members, visitors or affiliates of So Make It; or has threatened the safety of the space. This may be behaviour directly targeting or witnessed by any individual. Our rules clearly state that in the event of certain behaviour being reported that a ban is possible.. Throughout the process, all efforts will be made to keep clear and constructive communication between the trustees, the offending party, and any other affected parties.

In very serious cases, trustees may invoke temporary access bans until the issue is resolved. Should a trustee become the focus of a complaint, they will not be included in their normal capacity during the grievance process.


  • This policy applies to members, guests and attendees of events that use So Make It or its online meeting places and social media platforms. I.E. IRC or google groups.
  • Any person may be banned from the space if they violate existing policies or if they have the potential to harm other users of the space.
  • Before the formal banning procedure is started, the trustees must make every attempt to resolve the issue informally.


  • Should a trustee become the focus of a complaint, they will not be included in their normal capacity during the grievance process.
  • Where possible the offending party must be given at least two written warnings before being banned unless the trustees determine there is a continuing threat to the safety of members. At every stage, it must be made clear to the party where they are in this process.
  • At every stage, a quorum of trustees must be in agreement that allowing the user to continue to use the space would not be in the best interest of the organisation.
  • Should a quorum of trustees be unattainable, then a general meeting will be called at the first opportunity, with the only agenda item to be appointing enough members as temporary trustees to enable an investigation of the complaint. The remit of these members will be limited to the investigation, and they will be required to step down upon completion of the investigation
  • At every stage, the trustees must make their reasoning available to the offending party. They must also make as much detail as is appropriate available to all members but may hold back information if it is decided it is in the best interests of the space and its membership.
  • By default, a ban will be for a year. At their discretion, the trustees can issue a reduced or extended ban period.
  • Bans of more than one year may only be issued in extreme circumstances. The trustees must review these bans yearly.
  • If the offending party is a member, their membership could also be revoked.
  • When a person is banned, their right to access So Make It and its social media and communication platforms can be revoked. Any entry to the space without the prior, express permission of trustees will be considered trespass.
  • The trustees must seek feedback from the community to ensure this process remains fair and balanced.

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This policy was last updated on 15 April 2014, last reviewed on 25 October 2015

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