So Make It has a number of tools and a small stock of components to allow work on electronic projects at a quite high technical level. The soldering bench is located in the far corner of the clean side and the instrumentation and test bench is along the dividing wall next to the door to the workshop. Power to the soldering bench is on the wall socket to the right of the soldering area. Please switch off all items individually beforw switching the main bench power off. Otherwise it has been known to trip the main circuit breakers of the space when the whole bench is powered down at once.

A Dustpan and brush is provided and hangs on a hook next to the light pull

There are materials for PCB Manufacturing however due to the relative ease of getting real PCB's fabricated now, it's mainly for those curious about the process and is generally discouraged.


  • Oscilloscopes
  1. Infinium Oscilloscope
  2. HM705 Dual Trace scope
  3. Hitachi V-252
  4. Leader LBO 522
  • Bench Power supplies
  1. Farnell E30/1 Bench Power Supply
  2. Farnell L30-3 Bench Power Supply
  3. Farnell LT30-1 Bench Power Supply
  4. Thurlby Bench Power Supply
  5. Thurlby PL154 Power Supply


  • Temperature controlled soldering irons
  1. Antex 690D Soldering Station
  2. Weller WS 81 Soldering Station
  3. Half of W.E.R. 852D+ SMD Rework Station


(available for members to use for a small donation)

  • resistors
  • capacitors
  • LED's
  • transistors
  • Diodes
  • A variety of unsorted SMD and through hole components on reels

Soldering Safety

Never touch the element of the soldering iron

Hold wires to be heated with tweezers or clamps.

Always return the soldering iron to its stand when not in use. Never put it down on the workbench.

Turn unit off and unplug when not in use.

Wear eye protection. Solder can “spit”.

Use rosin-free and lead-free solders wherever possible.

Always wash your hands with soap and water after soldering.

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