433Mhz Spathiphyllum

433Mhz Spathiphyllum
Attempt to add a low power soil hygrometer to a Peace Lilly in the space
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According to NASAs clean air study in 1989 Spathiphyllum or "Peace Lily" is a fantastic air purifier and there are also lots of studies showing plants reduce stress. As such it makes sense to have one in the space.

Can we be trusted with a living thing you might ask? Well no, we can't even be trusted with emptying the bins regularly or keeping the place tidy so this poor little peace lily will need all the help it can get; namely a clever bit of electronics that will monitor soil moisture content and somehow report it.

Initial ideas I've had involve using a cheap soil hygrometer linked to an arduino and 433Mhz transmitter and a 433Mhz receiver attached to toad This would allow toad to recieve the information and possibly even be able to recall it via SMIB or a web interface of some kind. Perhaps even it could as far as to tweet in emergency dryness situations.

I'm told an arduino can run in a very low power mode so this will be the main choice to run at the plant end but if I can get the transmitter and sensor working together somehow with even less power I shall take this approach.

Project Status: The peace lily is in the space, the electronics are purchased. All I need is some time!

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