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yoshibot is one of the So Make It IRC bots. He runs from Yoshi - the So Make It VPS - and is powered by GitHub's Hubot. He hangs around on #SoMakeIt and #SoutHACKton on irc.freenode.net and keeps us up to date. He accepts a wide range of commands and also butts in from time to time with useful and/or annoying things - e.g. stating the title of pages linked to in chat.

For live information about what's going on inside the space (temperature, webcam, access to the speakers, etc), ask smib, but for information about things outside the space talk to yoshibot.

For an always up-to-date list of yoshibot's commands, click here.

Contributing commands

Who can contribute

Any So Make It member can contribute via a pull request, but because yoshibot handles more secure tasks (e.g. those involving passwords or access tokens, not to mention possibly updating the wiki or our website) any changes must be approved by a trustee.

yoshibot on GitHub


Don't abuse yoshibot or we may have him blacklist you, or worse: block you from his channels.

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