Proposal: this page is a proposal and is not (yet) So Make It policy - details may be sketchy and numbers are liable to change.

While important and integral to the running of the space the trustees are merely there to allow the company to exist in a legal structure and the space itself is ran by its members. So things happen in an organised and sensible fashion there are roles in which members or groups of members can take on assuming responsibility for things under that role. All decisions pertaining to that role should go through the designated members or groups.

At this time our current roles are:

Treasurer - Currently filled by Paul Davies

Can only be taken on by a trustee. Assumes responsibility for all financial matters including but not limited to donations, paying all bills and invoices, organising membership subscriptions, ensuring tax and accounts are legally accurate and filed in time and seeking sponsorship/funding/alternative revenue streams. All details of operations should be available for other trustees however only basic financial summaries should be available to the public/membership including a report of the groups financial situation for every AGM.

Space Invader - Currently filled by Bracken Dawson

Responsible for good relations with other makerspaces/hackerspaces and working with them to achieve our common goals. This might include organizing visits, inviting them to workshops, sharing skills and equipment or notifying our members of things going on at other spaces we can benefit from.

There are other roles up for discussion and if something is too big for any one person to handle it may be taken on by a group of people who form a separate committee. Examples of some of these roles include:

Events organiser(s) - knowing all the dates, events, venues; chasing up workshop leaders; setting dates; asking for people to run workshops (both internally and externally); helping advertise

PR - advertising events/facilities, getting new members, getting us involved in larger events

Customer relations - keeping our members happy, probably a shared role with PR

Social - manning the twitter/youtube/blogs/website/etc

Health and safety

Space Hackers - responsible for keepig the space tidy and coming up with new and innovative ways of letting us squeeze more stuff and people in without feeling overcrowded.

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