Risk Assessment

To meet legal requirements, So Make It must participate in three kinds of Risk Assessment:

General Risk Assessments

The landlord is responsible for the building and facilities risk assessment.

We must keep risk assessments as appropriate for certain tools and activities held in the space, like a welder or welding instruction workshop. Existing risk assessments can be found here: Category:Risk Assessment

General risk assessments can be kept on the wiki and can be copied from the Risk Assessment Template.

Risk Assessment Experts

These people are risk assessment experts that may be willing to help you write your risk assessment:

  • Bracken (talk)
  • Chris3DSmith (talk)


We must have and make available to those that use it, a COSHH risk assesment for any hazardous chemical in the space.


We must keep a Fire Risk Assesment.

Space Risk Profile

WIP - Space Risk Profile

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