Fire risk

So Make It Fire Risk Assessment

The Fire and Rescue Service’s role in fire evacuation is that of ensuring that the means of escape in case of fire and associated fire safety measures provided for all people who may be in a building are both adequate and reasonable, taking into account the circumstances of each particular case. Under current fire safety legislation it is the responsibility of the person(s) having responsibility for the building to provide a fire safety risk assessment that includes an emergency evacuation plan for all people likely to be in the premises, including disabled people, and how that plan will be implemented.

Such an evacuation plan should not rely upon the intervention of the Fire and Rescue Service to make it work.

Fire Safety Risk Assessment

This is carried out using the assessment checklist in conjunction with the guide for places of small and medium assembly. The assessment should be periodically re-evaluated, possibly every six months.

Fire Evacuation Plan

The Fire Evacuation Plan (FEP) must take into account members who are familiar with the space and visitors that aren't. It must be communicated to all users of the space so that they can use it if necessary.


So Make It members should take responsibility for ensuring the safe evacuation of all people sharing the room they're in.

Means of escape for disabled people

This is covered in detail within Means of Escape for Disabled People

Whilst the space isn't ideal for wheel chair access, it may be possible to access the upstairs rooms by carrying-up and carry-down using the wheel chair, but this should be the choice of the individual, and they should be reminded of the risks in an emergency.


All fire training and practice drills will be logged by the Trustees.

Hacking the Space

Any planned alterations to be carried out any where on site, and regulations that apply (such as types of materials, distances widths, fire resistance and fire stopping and other related information) are covered in this document

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