Junk policy

] We have some junk shelves at the space, standing in the workshop next to the door.

  • Anyone can preserve the life of junk at their discretion by moving an item to a "younger" shelf.
  • The shelves will be rotated when full, weekly, or to some other non-fixed schedule, ie you can never really rely on the timing. But if something is on the last shelf it might be about to go.

Further rules

Many donations should be turned away - particularly:

  • Large/bulky items
  • Items that require special disposal (batteries, items containing asbestos, …)
  • Items that don't look useful
  • Illegal, illicit or items of unknown origin
  • Chemicals unless they've been previous approved by a Trustee - chemicals should never be placed on the donations shelves - they must be handled separately for H&S/COSHH reasons

We maintain a list of wanted/unwanted items for the space/members here which can aid in deciding what to bring to the space for donations.

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