Much of the tools and equipment So Make It use is donated from members, local businesses and universities as we have a very limited budget for tooling and equipment. We encourage you to consider donating whatever you think we might find useful – one mans junk is another mans treasurer after all!

In particular we are always after:

Ferrofluid from MIRC toner http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_ink_character_recognition

Electronic speaking/musical toys (for circuit bending)

Door locks and padlocks (without keys are fine)

Electronic components

Hand tools

Bench power tools

HD quality cameras and equipment

Suspended ceiling tiles

Sheets of plasterboard/chipboard/plywood/plastic

Working and good quality health and safety gear

Narrow width rubber rollers (from printer teardowns etc)

Sealed lead acid batteries/car batteries (dalek build)

12v/24v motors (dalek build)

Do not wants!

Space is our most valuable commodity so we ask that you please do not donate the following:

CRT monitors

PCs with low spec (some components handy however)

Cheap budget webcams

Modems, routers,switches and hubs (unless they are really really awesome or special in some way)

If you have something you feel might be useful and are unsure please post details on the mailing list


Even if the maker space doesn’t want it, somebody on the message board might, helping you get rid of your junk and keeping landfills empty 

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