Where do I sign up?

You can sign up at our members site here. This gives you "friend" status and allows you to apply for full membership, the tiers are as so:

  • Member - A member of the space and a member of the company (So Make It Ltd.), you can vote at general meetings and pay a monthly subscription.
  • Keyholder - A Member can become a keyholder on the members area, this gives you 24/7 access to the space!
  • Trustee - The space is run by the Members, the Trustees exist to enable the members to run the space, we are directors of the company that is needed to rent the space and we know things like the PayPal password.

How much does my membership cost?

Membership to SoMakeIt is charged on a 'pay what you can afford' basis. The suggested subscription for full membership is £30 per month, the minimum subscription is £10 per month.

Do you do any discounts for students/OAPs etc?

No as we have an open payment structure, if you feel you can’t afford any more you could pay as little as £5 per month.

I can’t even afford that , can I still use the space?

We have to draw a line somewhere otherwise we’d never have any money at all and it wouldn’t be fair on our paying members. The good news is If you can't afford a monthly commitment of at least £10 you can pay for one-off visits as a guest member at a donation of at least £7 per visit.

Do I have to be a member to use the space?

No, anyone can use the space on our public opening times, check the calendar on the main page.

Do you have any form of group membership?

Not yet, but please get in touch because it's something we're keen to add!

Do you have an age restriction for members?

Members need to be over 16. Workshop is restricted to over 18s. See the Rules.

Where does my money go?

Other than costs such as materials, tools and refreshments we currently have bills to pay including insurance, electricity, rent, internet and more so are making sure we can cover all this. We're non-profit, so any excess will be spent on the space (for example buying new machinery, equipment, materials or components) - profits are not distributed.

Do you accept Gift Aid?

We’ll be happy to take any donation no matter how big or small but unfortunately we are not a charity, so we can not claim Gift Aid. One of our members is already looking into this for us, if you wish to help then please get in touch.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Wheelchair access in the new unit F is better than before, with the whole space on a single floor. Access is possible via the roller shutter, if it found impossible to navigate the entrance via the side door. There are no steps at the door. The toilet facilities are shared with other units, down the end of the access corridor, with a slight ramp at the entrance to the toilet block itself, but that should not be a major issue for most wheelchair users.

I would like to run an event/workshop/talk

Great! Let us know what you want to do and we’ll help you arrange it as best we can.

Can we buy XYZ piece of equipment?

We’ll buy tools and equipment based on demand so if you can prove to us there are enough people who want a particular thing, we’ll work towards getting hold of said thing. Such as Laser Cutter.

Who is in charge?

Short answer; everybody and nobody! We are members ran so decisions on the development of the space are done on a group level with members voting during AGMs and on the mailing list. The trustees are just there to fulfill the legal obligations of a company structure, signing paperwork etc and not above the members in any way.

I've signed up as a member, where do I go from here?

Congratulations! Please take some time to look at our rules and policies and you will find most information you need to know is on this Wiki. If you have any questions at all you can ask members at the space or post to the mailing list!

Can I become a trustee?

Yes, any member can become a trustee by being voted in at our AGM. If you want to do this please speak to the current trustees first so we can explain what’s required and make sure you know what you are stepping in to.

Why is my question not here? =

You can edit this page, but the best way to ask a question is to email the Trustees.

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