Wood Lathe

Wood Lathe
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Type Wood Lathe
Make Axeminster
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Owned by Ben Jacobs

We have an Axminster woodworking lathe. All power should be turned off to the lathe when the space is closed.

Please only use Lathe chisels with the wood lathe, the tang in normal chisels is not sufficiently long

If you need any help or tuition, please ask for it.

The manual is available here and should be read and understood before use

Regular Maintenance

  • Oil (3 in 1) should be added to each grease point on a regular basis.
  • All swarf and debris must be cleaned up at the end of each session.
  • All tools must be put away at the end of each session.
  • The lathe bench must remain clear and tidy at all times.
  • All chisels must be kept sharp - please report broken/dull chisels to Ben so they can be fixed/replaced.
  • Keep the lathe and tools clean using tough blue tissue roll (the lint free stuff that doesn't break)

Health & Safety

There is no guard currently so full PPE should be worn when operating or being near the lathe. This includes safety goggles AT ALL TIMES and apron.

DO NOT wear gloves. They can and will snag in rotating tools with unpleasant results.

Obviously all jewellery must be removed, long hair tied back and baggy clothing removed when operating the lathe.

The lathe bench must remain clear and tidy at all times.

The chuck key must be removed when operating the lathe - it can travel at such speeds as to KILL if left in the chuck.

Do not attempt to turn anything other than wood. It will probably break even the best wood lathe or any tools.

Moving Parts Safety

Be aware that parts of this device move, and those moving parts can cause harm to persons and objects.

Do not operate this device whilst wearing loose fitting clothing.

Do not use any tools apart from those tools meant to be used with this device.

Do not insert items or body parts into any moving part when this device is operational.

Ensure this device is turned off, and any safety interlocks are engaged before performing maintenance on this device.

Do not perform any maintenance on this device is you are not qualified to do so - If in doubt, ask.

Dust Safety

This device generates dust, the following precautions should be followed for the safety of all users of the space.

Ensure all dust is cleaned after each use.

Use any extraction devices compatible with this device when possible.

Be aware that dust is a fire hazard - Make sure you know your exits and locations of extinguishers.

Use proper breathing protection when using a device that creates dust.

Dust can irritate the skin - wash exposed skin after use.

Sharp Object Safety

This device has blades or other sharp points

Ensure all guards are in place and secure before using this device, guides of what guards to use are on the So Make It wiki, or in the manufacturers usage guide.

Only use this device if you are qualified to do so.

Do not use this device without the correct personal protection equipment.

Only use this device with properly secured work pieces.

Check all blades are secure and of good condition before use.


Some pointers...

Wood Dust

Using the lathe will generate large amounts of saw dust over time. This should not be picked up with bare fingers or wipe off with your hand as it can contain wood splinters. Ideally you should operate the lathe in partnership with the dust extractor. The lathe area can be cleaned using the vacuum cleaner or soft brush if necessary.


Only wood should be machined with the wood lathe

Ownership Info

Ben Jacobs

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