Wiki Cleanup

Wiki Cleanup
Tidy & update the wiki
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People have complained that the information is not up to date, or is misleading.

In the do-cracy spirit I'm gonna sort that out!

Plan of attack:

  • Identify out of date pages and label them with the existing "out of date" template
  • Identify stub pages. We may need a stub template.
  • Ensure there are no orphan pages.
  • Then look at all the other maintainance reports on the wikimedia special pages.

Progress by Abrugsch

  • New front page portal for main interest groups
  • New 3D printing hub including a basic HowTo for 3D printing
  • New entries for current 3D printer loadout
  • New Stub for Octoprint
  • New Electronics hub
  • New HowTo for getting PCB's made
  • Various new tool pages
  • New Obsolete template for marking pages that might be outdated but should be kept for reasons
  • New Crafting Hub stub
  • New Workshop hub stub
  • other stuff
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