Welding equipment

Welding equipment
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Owned by James Morfee

On loan to the space is a TIG/MMA welding set and a MIG welding set. They are located in the workshop and may only be used by those who have had sufficient training in these welding processes.

Health & Safety

The area must be clean and tidy with the relevant cables routed so not to touch a hot surface or present a trip hazard whilst welding.

Full PPE must be worn when welding, or when observing. This includes a full face welding helmet, non flammable clothing, the correct gloves for the process and a leather welding apron. If chipping or grinding then a full face mask must be worn. Some welding helmets have this function built in.

Welding must take place on a non combustible surface and must be free of combustible materials and flammable liquids. A fire extinguisher must be on standby and a fire watch maintained throughout the welding process and for at least 20 minutes after welding has finished.

A good circulation of air should be maintained to minimise the breathing of welding fume. An extractor needs to be fabricated.

The workshop door must be closed and warning signs posted. No person should be allowed to enter the workshop whilst welding is taking place.

A risk assessment has been created here and should be read and actioned before any welding takes place.

Critical repairs/upgrade

The MIG set need an adapter for the nylon pipe to fit the outlet from the welding gas regulator.

Upgrades/Parts wanted

More welding electrodes for the TIG set. These are consumables - currently only 1.6mm are available.

The TIG mild steel wire has not been stored well and there is some rusting. This is not ideal for a good joint and should be replaced.

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