Welding Risk Assessment

This document is a qualitative health and safety risk assessment based on the Risk Assessment Template.

You will be filling this in with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and a Risk Assessment Expert, these may be the same person or two people. The table on the right can be used to evaluate each Hazard, we'd like everything to be low (L), but it's fine to have a Medium (M) in there from time to time if nothing sensible can be done to reduce the risk further, risk assessments are not meant to stop you doing a thing. But please, a High (H) means you really shouldn't do it in the space.

Risk Evaluation Guide Low Severity Medium Severity High Severity
Low Likelihood L L M
Medium Likelihood L M H
High Likelihood M H H


Welding activity and Educational Welding workshops held in the workshop in the space.

Subject Matter Expert James Morfee
Risk Assessment Expert Chris Smith/Bracken Dawson
Date Last Updated 2016-01-09
Review Date* Immidiately after first workshop

*All risk assessments should be reviewed.


Hazard to health and/or safety present Possible risk to persons & public Precautions already taken Risk Level (Severity x Likelihood). Action Required, by whom and when?
Welder might set a fire. Burns

moke inhailation

Fire extinguisher on standby

Fire watch to be maintained during and 20 mins after welding.

Correct PPE to be worn. Cotton/non flammable clothing or suitable leather apron.

M Fire Risk Asessment to be completed by Bracken and Chris soon.

Workshop to be cleaned and tidied to mitigate fire risk prior to any welding activity by the person welding.

Fume Smoke inhalation None M Ensure adequate ventilation before welding activity by person welding.
Electrical Electric shock Welding equipment checked before use L None
High temperature materials Burns Correct PPE to be worn for welding type. L None
High intesity UV Arc-eye Correct PPE to be worn.

Workshop closed to persons not welding.

L Screens/door erected/closed prior to welding by person welding.

Manufacture warning notice for workshop door. Investigate purchase of welding curtain.

Sparks/particles Burns

Eye damage

Correct PPE including face mask to be worn L PPE to be purchased and stored so it is readyly available
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