Vinyl Cutter

Vinyl Cutter
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We have a vinyl cutter. He is called Vincent Lionel-Cutler, or Vinny for short.

Use with Inkscape

You can send jobs directly from Inkscape, using the built-in Extensions -> Export -> Plot functionality.

First, everything you want to cut must be a path. It doesn't hurt to convert everything to paths before cutting - if they are already paths then nothing will change. You are advised to save your work before doing this, as once converted to paths things like text are hard to change.

To convert to path, select the object to be converted and select Path -> Object to Path

To cut, select Extensions -> Export -> Plot and check that the settings are as follows (the port setting may be different on your machine, and will be different on Windows machines)

Serial Port: /dev/ttyUSB0 (This may need to be different) Serial baud rate: 9600 Serial byte size: 8 Serial stop bits: 1 Serial parity: None Serial flow control: Software (XON/XOFF) Command language: DMPL

You may need to change the settings under Plot Features if the cuts are not properly cutting into corners etc.

When you click Apply the cutter should immediately start working.

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