Velocity Chronograph

Velocity Chronograph
Velocity chronograph for airsoft guns and air rifles, featuring velocity in feet per second (industry standard) and rate of fire (ROF)
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I'm copying/hacking existing designs for a velocity chronograph (aka gun chronograph). The plan is to control the device using a shrimp, with with two IR LEDs as triggers and a 7 segment display. The initial prototype will be two stand alone systems - the shrimp and the chronograph, but eventually it will be a fully integrated system.

I'll be roughly following this design:

Project diary/stages:

I have soldered up my first shrimp and tested it. I just need to fit a set of pins to attach it to a breadboard. I am thinking of designing a printed case for the USB interface dongle to give it a bit of protection. The next stage of this project is to acquire the chrono specific parts.

I've ordered most of the components and had an aluminium tube machined.

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