UnitF Organisation

[Point of contact]

[Wish list]

  • Collapsible tables
  • Carpet + rugs
  • Wood
  • Fixings
  • Kitchen worktops, units (floor and/or wall) Specifically we need some counter tops to sink the sink into.
  • Electrical
Double switched sockets
mounting boxes for above
Fused units
Light switches
Circuit breakers
Lights of all sorts
DUCTING! Conduit
Twin+Earth cable
Cable clamps (p-clips)
Everything CAT5 related - trunking, faceplates, cable, connectors etc
  • Paint
White wall paint
White window (metal) paint
Garage floor paint (red please!)
  • Painting kit
Cleaning kit

[List of stuff already secured]

  • In-counter double sink with mixer tap & connectors + waste plumbing

[List of stuff already delivered]

  • Refrigerator (domestic)
  • Industrial/engine degreaser
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