Titan Pillar Drill

Titan Pillar Drill
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Owned by Andy Bennett

We have a Titan 9-speed benchtop pillar drill, currently operational and kindly on loan from Andy Bennett.

Boxes of drill bits are stored next to the drill - please replace them correctly after use.

Regular Maintenance

  • All swarf and debris must be cleaned up at the end of each session.
  • All drill bits must be put away at the end of each session.
  • The bench must remain clear and tidy at all times.

Health & Safety

Please use the built-in guard. Eye protection is recommended at all times.

If you are drilling metal, please use the correct drill bit.

Obviously all jewellery must be removed, long hair tied back and baggy clothing removed when operating the drill.

The bench must remain clear and tidy at all times.

The chuck key must be removed when operating the drill.

Moving Parts Safety

Be aware that parts of this device move, and those moving parts can cause harm to persons and objects.

Do not operate this device whilst wearing loose fitting clothing.

Do not use any tools apart from those tools meant to be used with this device.

Do not insert items or body parts into any moving part when this device is operational.

Ensure this device is turned off, and any safety interlocks are engaged before performing maintenance on this device.

Do not perform any maintenance on this device is you are not qualified to do so - If in doubt, ask.

Sharp Object Safety

This device has blades or other sharp points

Ensure all guards are in place and secure before using this device, guides of what guards to use are on the So Make It wiki, or in the manufacturers usage guide.

Only use this device if you are qualified to do so.

Do not use this device without the correct personal protection equipment.

Only use this device with properly secured work pieces.

Check all blades are secure and of good condition before use.

Electrical Safety

Do not use any devices that have obvious damage to body, cable or plug.

Inspect all plugs, wires, and connectors before using any electrical device in the space.

Use a grounded outlet and grounding prong if a short circuit is a possibility.


Some pointers...


Using the drill will generate small amounts of dust or swarf over time. This should not be picked up with bare fingers or wiped off with your hand as it could contain splinters. Use the vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to clean the area and the drill.


Provided that the appropriate bits are used the drill should be able to make holes in the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium
  • Masonary

Ownership Info

Andy Bennett

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