Titan Bench Grinder

Titan Bench Grinder
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Owned by So Make It

We have a basic bench grinder mounted on the metalworking table in the main workshop.


Powerful, cast aluminium bench grinder from Screwfix (model TTB521GRB) with adjustable tool rests and eye shields for safety. Includes LED work light for precise work in tight areas.

400W Induction Motor

36 & 60 Grit Wheels included

2 x Adjustable Tool Rests

2 x Adjustable Eye Shields

2 x tool rests, 2 x eye shields and 1 x brush wheel.

No load speed 2950rpm. Wheel Dia. x Th x Bore: 200 x 20 x 16mm. W x D x H: 255 x 375 x 250mm. Weight 11.5kg.


  • There is a guard on each wheel which should be used where possible.
  • Full PPE should be worn when operating or being near the grinder. This includes safety goggles AT ALL TIMES and apron.
  • Be aware of rotational direction and ensure workpiece does not jam against the guards, tool rest or casing as this can cause the wheel to chip or explode!
  • Do not use the machine while it is speeding up or slowing down from starting/stopping.
  • All jewellery must be removed; long hair tied back and baggy clothing removed when operating the grinder.
  • The machine should be well lit and the bench surrounding the machine should be kept clear of mess at all times.
  • DO NOT attempt to clear swarf/sawdust by hand or by blowing - metal swarf is razor-sharp and will cut deeply and sawdust can splinter or blind!. Use a brush or the shop vac.
  • Do not distract or touch the operator in any way. If somebody is uncomfortably close to you while using the machine ask them to move back.
  • Never attempt to operate the machine while tired, intoxicated or under the effects of drugs.
  • Be aware of sparks from work pieces – these could travel and cause harm to others.
  • If the wheel becomes loaded with material it could become unbalanced.
  • Report any issues with this machine to the mailing list immediately! Strange noises could be a sign of problems so do not ignore.
  • You will never be blamed for accidently damaging a machine if you report it! You could be harm others and face criminal charges if you do not!

A risk assessment for this machine can be found on our github repo here.

At all times an sign should be next to the grinder displaying basic safety info and this can be found on our repo here.


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