Tiny IR equipped dev board and receiver

Tiny IR equipped dev board and receiver
A very tiny Arduino compatible dev board with onboard IR abilities.
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  • A very small development board compatible with Arduino that fits, as much as possible, inside a USB A port.
  • The primary use case is as a highly configurable IR receiver for custom HTPCs, it can emulate a keyboard or use a driver.
  • It will be easy to configure, just edit and upload a sketch from an ever building libraries for any existing remote you might have lying around.
  • I want to make a prototype first, the I want to get an idea what production would cost at a turn-key fabricator and run a crowdfunding campaign.


  • I want to use the ATmega32U2 with as a fork of the Leonardo (ATmega32U4) bootloader if possible.
  • I will use the QFP32 package, it's 5.00m x 5.00mm x 0.80-1.05mm, it may fit on the reverse side of the USB contacts if I use a small enough PCB.
  • I want to use an IR receiver with a PCM demodulator, so they will be available in different frequencies, it's just a BOM change.
  • I want to fit an IR LED, no modulator, so you can bit bang signals out to other devices, like the TV.
  • Other I/O possibilities will be used where possible but footprint is the #1 priority, it should be able to live in the front of a HTPC with no case and not look out of place.


  • I can't find an SMD version of PCM IR receivers.
  • I need a name for it:
    • Irnardo
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