Table Saw


Table Saw
Tool Stats
Type TA175
Make Startrite
Test Map
Needs Induction?
Status Ok
Owned by SMI


What is a table saw?

How to Use

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Pre-use checklist

  1. Read instruction manual
  2. Use saftey equipment
  3. do not wear loose clothing or jewelry
  4. Contain long hair
  5. Disconnect the plug when preparing for use
  6. Check blade is not loose and has all teeth
  7. Check blade guard is set correctly and secure
  8. Do not make adjustments to the saw while its powered on
  9. Ensure dust extraction is attached and operating

Post use checklist

  1. Tool is correctly switched off and safe
  2. Tool and area around is cleaned (Including inside the cabinet)
  3. Do not alter or modify the tool


Maintenance Checklist

- Check mains cable for damage
- Check Riving knife for separation as per HSE (Less then 8mm, and perhaps more then 3mm)
- Check for bearing wear
- Check blade is sharp and no missing teeth
- Check emergency stop works

Maintenance log [Help]

StatusItems ResolvedNotesSignature

Inspection log [Help]

StatusItems ResolvedNotesSignature
OkRiving knife adjustedPAT test OK, blade checked, E-Stop checked, riving knife gap <8mm, Blade stops in <10sEdTheProfet (talk) 21:08, 31 October 2019 (BST)
OkNoneSawdust removed from inside, Riving knife checkedPbgben (talk) 16:01, 21 October 2019 (BST)

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Table Saw, August 2019
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