Soldering Workshop Risk Assessment

This document is a qualitative health and safety risk assessment based on the Risk Assessment Template.

You will be filling this in with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and a Risk Assessment Expert, these may be the same person or two people. The table on the right can be used to evaluate each Hazard, we'd like everything to be low (L), but it's fine to have a Medium (M) in there from time to time if nothing sensible can be done to reduce the risk further, risk assessments are not meant to stop you doing a thing. But please, a High (H) means you really shouldn't do it in the space.

Risk Evaluation Guide Low Severity Medium Severity High Severity
Low Likelihood L L M
Medium Likelihood L M H
High Likelihood M H H


eg. Soldering workshops where So Make It members teach people how to solder at events or at So Make It's space.

Subject Matter Expert
Risk Assessment Expert Bracken (talk)
Date Last Updated 2016-04-12
Review Date* Just after hacksoton.

*All risk assessments should have a review date pending at all times.


Hazard to health and/or safety present Possible risk to persons & public Precautions already taken Risk Level (Severity x Likelihood). Action Required, by whom and when?
Hot soldering irons. Potential Burns Instructors will always tell people that the soldering irons are hot and turn them off when not in use. M Already in place.
Solder/flux fumes. Fume inhalation. Extractor style fans with filters are already used in our workshops. L Already in place.
Spinning fan in extractor. Cuts from fan blades. Guard in place on front of fans.

Instructors tell attendees that there is a spinning fan in the extractor and not to poke fingers in the exhaust.

L Already in place.
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