Screen printing

Screen printing
Experiments in screen printing—hopefully can produce some So Make It t-shirts
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This project would make a good candidate for some promotional YouTube videos! Hint–hint.

Phase I

I have bought 10 green t-shirts and a screen printing kit with some white fabric dye. The plan is to do some test prints and make a small run of So Make It t-shirts using this design If they are any good, will sell to members and the money will go towards the cost of the t-shirts and kit, with any extra to be put towards phase II....

Phase II

Build a stationary, collapsible, table-top clamped one-colour screen printing press. Plan is to use a modified version of the plans from

Phase III

Try to build a rotary, 4-colour screen printing behemoth, based closely on plans from


Lots of scope for screen printing workshops.

“Bring a T-shirt and/or a design, and print a design onto a T-shirt!”

Might appeal to a wide range of people, especially those who might otherwise be put off by technical focused workshops.


The b&w laser printer in the space (HP P1102) prints really clear transparencies. Produces really good halftone pattern prints as well.

I'd like to make a YouTube video on how to create halftone patterns using only free and open-source software. GIMP can do it, with a bit of fiddling. --Xanadu (talk) 02:21, 26 July 2016 (BST)

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