Running a pledge

Before starting a pledge

  • Ensure that there is a need for the equipment you want to buy, ask on IRC and also the email list.
  • Wait for a week to give all members time to read your email, and possibly donate the equipment for free.

Setting up the pledge

  • Create a link on the pledges page.
  • Click the link to your new page and set up the pledge.
  • Advertise the pledge on the mailing list.

Collecting money

  • Create a reference such as LASERCUT or VINYLCUT that can be used when pledgers pay.
  • Money should be paid into the company account using details found in the member's area.
  • Use the mailing list to ensure that all pledgers are aware that their pledges are due and to use the reference when paying.
  • Give a reasonable amount of time for payments to arrive, certainly enough to take in a pay day.
  • Ask pledgers to mark their pledge as PAID on the wiki.


  • Contact the treasurer [email protected] and give him details of the wiki page and the equipment that is to be purchased.
  • Ensure that the delivery process is easy and can't fail.


  • Before the equipment arrives consider where it will fit in the space.
  • Determine any health and safety requirements and put them in place before the equipment is used.
  • Prepare signage for the equipment so that members are aware of how it can be used eg with or without training.
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