QuadCopter Scratch Build

QuadCopter Scratch Build
Building a QuadCopter with FPV
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Since a few members were interested, I will keep the project updated here.

The current build is based on the FliteTest H-Quad Scratch Build.

I only boarded one side, and drilled holes for weightloss and wires.

Instead of 4 separate ESC (Speed Controllers) i used a Qbrain 4 in 1.

The pros : It is cheaper than 4 seperate, tidy, easy to mount, and you dont need to build a power distribution board.

The cons : If one of the integrated ESC's becomes dead, you have to replace the whole ESC ( or rebuild into a TriCopter :D )

Cost : ~£20

For the Flight Controller i opted for the KK 2.0

The pros : It has a nice little lcd display and buttons, to be able to configure the quad without constantly connecting to a laptop for programming.

The cons : It is cheap, Missing advanced features, GPS, Altitude, etc

Cost : ~£20

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