To ensure full usage of our 3D printer we have a print queue which is maintained on this wiki page. The printer is first come first served unless there is an item on this print queue that somebody wants to make a special trip down to space to print.

Carefully consider printing times and urgency of your part before starting a print as well as take careful note of amount of filament to be used so the job can print in the time the space is open. While the printer can be operated remotely should be supervised at all times and ideally turned off while nobody is in the space. In times where a large print is left running while the space is closed every effort should be made to collect the print as soon as possible and if it is obvious a print will be something that takes this long, it should be started at the end of an evening so the printer is free for others to use.

It would also be extremely helpful if anything to be printed was presliced before being taken to the space/plugged into the printers. You can do this on Luigi if required.

Please also pick a sensible printer to do your prints on. If you need something really good quality that's large then the TAZ is the one. Small prints not requiring good quality can be done on the i2. The Cerberus is great for tall prints.

Bare in mind there is a cost associated with the filament, electricity used and general wear and tear of the printer so donations specifically to the 3D printer are very welcome. Exact prices for printer usage costs are still in discussion and will be posted here but in the mean time a good guide is 25p per metre of filament used.

Items to be printed:

  • Taz Printer is at event 08.08.15
  • Spectrometer/printer parts on Taz 20/5/15 evening User:Jsr38
  • Spectrometer/printer parts on Taz 15/5/15 during the daytime User:Jsr38
  • Spectrometer/printer parts on Taz 14/5/15 during the daytime User:Jsr38
  • Spectrometer parts on Taz 13/5/15 during the daytime User:Jsr38
  • Taz to be kept clear for use on prop and costume build night 23/4/15
  • Paul Denholm to print Hinge for Iron Man on Taz Lulzbot 21/4/15 PaulDenholm
  • Steve Chandler to print Hinge for Iron Man on Taz Lulzbot or Cerberus if Taz not working on 6/4/15 User:steampunkdalek
  • Paul Chandler to print Tent-pole hub on Taz Lulzbot on 31/3/15 User:PaulChandler
  • Skully on Metric Cerberus 14/2/15 User:Jsr38
  • Skully plus skin on Metric Cerberus 21/2/15 User:Jsr38
  • Skully plus skin on Metric Cerberus 17/3/15 User:PaulDenholm

Non Urgent Items to print

  • Spare parts for the SMI printer
  • Calibration parts for the SMI printer
  • Showcase parts for showing the public/guests 3D printing
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