Printing with Octoprint

Octoprint is a server based printer control that is accessed from a web browser or from within cura 3.6.20 the web interface is on the So Make It LAN so your computer must be connected to the space ethernet or WiFi. Decide which printer you want to print with and check which Octopi it is on (e.g. Octopi2.local)


Slice your model as usual using Printing with Cura per your requirements. Export the .gcode file and save it somewhere.

Upload to Octoprint

open a web browser and navigate to http://octopi3.local (or whichever octopi is on your printer) You may need to log in to upload, in which case use the same user and password as the space WiFi.

Once logged in, check that the attached printer is switched on and click "Connect" Upload your .gcode file, select it from the file list and once the printer status is happy, click print.

You can monitor and stop/start the print from the interface and if a webcam is attached, take progress pics

[TODO: More detail]

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