Orbiter CCTV Camera

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Orbiter CCTV Camera
Get the orbiter CCTV camera working.
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Donated by User:chuckwebb.


  • Has a standard analogue video camera with auto focus and zoom on a pan & tilt mounting.
  • Runs on 24V AC or 12V DC power.
  • Is controlled with RS485/RS422 differential serial communication, probably at 4800 baud (may auto-detect on boot) (possibly a receive pair only)
  • Built in menu system controlled by the serial comms, displayed overlaid on the video output.
  • Supports several PTZ control standards including Pelco D, Pelco P and Vicon. (I believe it's currently set to Pelco D)


  • It's supposed to be bayonet mounted into a ceiling/pole mounted dome, but it was run into by a rolling scaffold causing the bayonet fitting and the surrounding plastic to be munched.
  • RS422: are there any converters handy?
  • Comms standards: I have no idea. Much Googleing required.


Benjie's going to make it into the eye of GlaDOS SMIB / some OpenCV craziness. Possibly...


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