Octoprint all the things

Octoprint all the things
Get as many of the 3D printers using Octoprint for print job running
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All of the Lulzbot printers can be driven from Octoprint and now we have 5x mini's and 2x Taz's it makes sense to not have to have a space laptop tethered to a printer to actually run print jobs.

This can be done with a single "server" PC running multiple octoprint instances but this might get confusing as to which printer is which when they are simply labeled by serial port.

To this end, EdTheProphet has donated 3x Raspberry Pi 3's for use as OctoPi servers.

Phase 1 - OctoPi trial run

Setup OctoPi on one of the Pi 3's and get it running with one of the new Lulzbot mini's

Phase Complete!! One of the Pi 3's has been set up for a mini and configured and successfully prints a cura sliced .gcode file

Sub task - Taz 6

Set up the Taz 6 and clone the config to other Pi's

Complete:Firmware upgraded to latest with Cura 3.6.20
TODO: set up Taz 6 in octoprint and run a job

Phase 2 - Roll out

Current Phase
  • Set up remaining Pi's - DONE
  • Obtain more Pi's (or other SBC's) for the rest of the printers
  • Power supplies - (currently there are a bunch of 1A supplies but the Pi 3's keep reporting under-voltage) A custom wired 5v harness may be necessary to not litter the bench and sockets with wall warts.
  • Fixings - either the Pi's need to attach to the bench/shelving or attatch to its respective printer. Both arrangements have problems
  • Scaling - check https://back7.co/home/scaling-octoprint-with-a-raspberry-pi

Phase 3 - assess multiple printers on one Pi

With 7 printers and 3 Pi's, it makes sense to see how viable running multiple printers per pi is. though just having a single printer per pi and having 2x on minis and 1x on the Taz 6 is probably the first intermediate step.

Phase 4 - have an internal web status page

To manage users' use of the printers, an internal web page could be created to direct users to octoprint instances associated with specific printers

Very much in the realms of TODO land. octoprint API will be worth looking at for this

Phase 5


Phase 6


Sidequest - Cura 3.6+

update space laptops to current lulzbot edition cura and bring firmware of printers up to match since the shipped firmware doesn't play nice with Cura2 3.x

Complete!! All mini's (except the non-functional one) and Taz 6 are now upgraded. Taz 4 still to be used with Cura 21.08

Sidequest - Octolapse

Octoprint + webcam +octolapse plugin makes nice printing time lapses by moving the print head out of view before taking a pic on the webcam

Webcam supplied by Chris3DSmith. some kind of bracket needs designing/printing

Sidequest - Slic3r integration

Add the plugin to handle slicing internally to permit direct uploading of STL files to the printers

slic3r ini file in https://github.com/somakeit/Lulzbot-TAZ-3D-Printer may well do the job

Sidequest - 1.75mm conversion

Fix up SoMakeIt mini 2 and convert to readily use 1.75mm filaments with this guide https://support.mosaicmfg.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009604967-Using-1-75mm-filament-on-LulzBot-printers-TAZ-5-TAZ-6-Mini-

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