Membership Maintenance

Proposal: this page is a proposal and is not (yet) So Make It policy - details may be sketchy and numbers are liable to change.

Members of So Make It are the lifeblood of the organisation. They organise the space, they implement new ideas, run workshops and make things! But personal circumstances often change and no-one expects to be a member for ever, so it's important that there is a mechanism in place for keeping the member list up-to-date.

All members of So Make It who have been members for over 1 year are liable for the amount of £1 should the company dissolve with unresolved debts.

Formal request for removal

Any member, planning for the future, may ask to be removed from the organisation by email to the trustees.

Subscription arrears

SoMakeIt cannot run without members paying their subscription, therefore members must expect fairly prompt reminders that they are in arrears. The following two monthly system should ensure accurate membership levels:

  1. If a member fails to pay subs for two months they will be sent a reminder.
  2. If a member fails to pay subs for four months they will be required to state their case.
  3. After six months of no payment their membership will be terminated.

Special circumstances

We can all fall on hard times and short term postponement of subscriptions may be approved if circumstances are known by the trustees.

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