Member Storage Policy

This policy was approved by Member vote at EGM 29th October 2016.

1.1 The Members Storage policy relates to all items left in the space that are neither owned by the space nor currently loaned to the space.

1.2 Items are left in the space at the owner’s risk.

Member Storage Boxes:

2.1 Each Member is entitled to a single standard size Member Storage Box in the Member Storage Area.

2.2 A current Member may store Items as long as they like within their Member Storage Box.

Temporary Project Storage:

3.1 There shall be clearly defined Temporary Project Storage Areas within the space.

3.2 A current Member may store Items within Temporary Project Storage Areas providing that the Items are authorised and clearly labelled with the following information:

a) Member who owns the Item.
b) The removal date.
c) How to contact the Owner.
d) Keyholder or Trustee authorising the item (if required).

3.3 Members must seek authorisation from a Keyholder or Trustee. A Keyholder may authorise Items for 1 week. A Trustee may authorise Items for up to 2 weeks. A Quorum of Trustees may authorise Items indefinitely.

3.4 If the project is still current the label may be refreshed. However, using Temporary Project Storage Areas as long term storage will be considered as a breach of this policy.

Large Items:

4.1 Items which do not fit into a Member Storage Box or Temporary Project Storage Area are considered Large Items and should not generally be kept in the space.

4.2 A Keyholder may authorise Large Items for 24 hours, Trustees may authorise Large Items for 1 week, a Quorum of Trustees may authorise Large Items indefinitely.

4.3 Care must be taken to ensure disruption to other space users is minimised and safety is not impacted. Large Items causing a hazard may be moved or considered a breach of this policy.

Items in breach of the members storage policy:

5.1 Items which are not in a Member Storage Box, labelled as per 3.2. or which are past their removal date are in breach of this policy and will be considered lost or unwanted property.

5.2 Any Member may take the following action(s) on items that are in breach of this policy:

a) Small items may be placed in the Lost Property Box.
b) Items which do not fit in the Lost Property Box should be photographed and the picture shared with members & trustees online. Trustees can then specify problem items for disposal.
c) Prior to disposal trustees should make reasonable efforts to contact the owner of abandoned items proportionate with the items worth.
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