Lathe user

Lathe User may use the Metal Lathe unsupervised.

A Lathe User must hold the “Lathe Trainee Role”

A Lathe User either have previous official training OR significant workplace experience OR have logged 20 hours supervised use at So Make It.

A Lathe User must be able to demonstrate the following knowledge and practical skills:


  • The main risks to users and bystanders
  • Pre-use, in-use and post-use checklists
  • Basic knowledge of lathe components, inspection and maintenance
  • Understanding of speed, feed and tool types


  • Safe starting and stopping of the lathe
  • Setting up 3 and 4 jaw chucks with a variety of workpieces
  • Use of live centre
  • Turning
  • Facing
  • Drilling
  • Boring
  • Parting off
  • Taper cuts with cross-slide
  • Power feed control
  • Thread cutting

A Lathe User must also be willing to supervise Lathe Trainees at various skill levels.

When supervising a Lathe Trainee they must:

  • Discuss with the Lathe Trainee the planned part and operations
  • Ensure pre, in-use and post-use checklists are carried out properly
  • Check the workpiece holding, tool, feed/speed and other controls throughout operations
  • Check the lathe after use to ensure it is cleaned and correctly powered off
  • Ensure the log is correctly updated

If the Lathe User does not feel confident supervising or that the Trainee has enough skill to carry out their planned operations then use of the lathe should be stopped and referred to a Lathe Superuser.

Do not share the Lathe padlock code with anyone unless they hold the Lathe User role (not Trainee).

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