Large Change Process


This policy sets out a framework for managing major changes to the space. A major change satisfies at least one of the following:

  • The change is likely to negatively impact some members reasonable use of the space.
  • The change could not easily be reversed by the member who made it.
  • The change will take more than a day to complete.

Changes which are not major do not require official discussion and the member who wishes to improve the space should simply discuss it informally and make it so!


For major changes the proposing member should post to the google group list outlining the following:

  • Why they want to make the change, what benefits does it bring.
  • How the change may negatively impact other members’ ability to use the space for its intended purpose.
  • A brief outline of the plan to effect this change.

Other members are then free to register their interest in helping with this change or to contest the change on the grounds of likely negative impact to their making activities.

After an appropriate consultation period, if the trustees feel any negative impacts are acceptable, a trustee will nominate a subcommittee from the interested members. Ideally this subcommittee will include representatives from all groups likely to be impacted by the change and must contain at least 2 members.

Sub-committee responsibilities:

  • Subcommittees are responsible for deciding the details of how to effect a planned change.
  • Subcommittees are responsible for keeping membership updated on the major changes they will make.
  • Subcommittees are responsible for carrying out and completing their changes.
  • If a Subcommittees drops to having only one member they must either recruit more members or else terminate the planned change.
  • Other members/users of the space not part of the subcommittee doing the work shall not interfere with the design of the change without good cause.
  • Once the committee and trustees are satisfied that the planned change has been stably implemented the subcommittee will be dissolved.

The Do-ocracy casting vote.

  • Since all members of So Make It are volunteers it is unfair to dictate by vote work other people will carry out. In the case of an even vote on a subcommittee the deciding vote will be that of the person or people willing to carry out the work.

This policy shall be documented on the WiKi and linked from the wiki home page under a heading of "Policies". It will also be placed in a sticky post on the space messaging platform chosen by the trustees.

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